The God of Atheism (god_of_atheism) wrote in bible_as_lit,
The God of Atheism

A Charismatic and Stylistic Tanakh Translation?

Perhaps this may not be the most appropriote place to ask this, since this is community revolves around a more secular interpretation of the Tanakh (which I prefer anyways), but I'm looking for a translation of the Tanakh based on the Jewish interpretation that also features a strong sense of charisma and style, which the common Jewish Tanakh-- the one published by the Jewish Publication Society-- lacks entirely. As well, the JPS version is either slightly biased (or I am just entirely ignorant of the Jewish concept of god) in that it, for instance, translates "Kanna" in Exodus 34:14 (several other times where this is mentioned) as "impassioned' rather than envious (Septuagint), jealous (KJV and some Targumim) or zealous (few other translations of the Targumim); or in 1Samuel 25:22, they render "they that pisseth against the wall" (KJV) directly as "a single male [of Nabal's house]", intentionally omitting the humourious dysphemisms and vital metaphors. I've been told just to read the KJV for style, but I'm hardly satisfied with that since the version is inconsistent with the Jewish tradition (the rendering of "Shatan" as a deification of evil; or Shoel being rendered as "hell" in the Christian sense; or direct references to Yeshu in the books of Nevi'im/Prophets and the Psalms, etc.) Any suggestions? Or maybe there is a translation of Martin Buber's German translation of the Tanakh available somewhere? Or am I doomed to continue reading this JPS version?
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