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Paul's Letters / Pseudo Paul

I haven't had time to read through this entire community, so if this topic has already been discussed, I apologize, though fill me in commentary is welcome.


Alright. I'm a religious studies major and I've recently taken a class- Gender in Early Christianity. It was quite the intrigue. It wet my palatte. I had a debate with a fellow student one day during a Mock Trial meeting. He's originally from GA and very very religious. In his words, "Whatever is written in the Bible I believe as true.."

Now, he is a very intelligent individual, so I'm not looking for comments about the absurdity of his statement, or how valid of a point he made. I'm just giving you an idea of the type of gentleman I was dealing with. Now, I tilted my head at him and asked quite frankly, "Well, continuing with that statement, how do you feel about the assertion that Timothy, in Paul's Letters, is said to be a suppliment to the Bible, and not actually written by Paul, but a later addition." He, looking directly at me and not blinking, replied, "Paul wrote that letter. All the letters attributed to him are from his hand." Shaking my head, I went on, "But have you read all his letters?" And the boy nodded confidently, so I added, "And you didn't notice the difference in style, or tone, or issues addressed? In Timothy, there is a lot of emphasis on women's place in the church- how they should remain silent, and not teach/preach, while Paul's other letters speak highly of women and even claim some taking an active part in the minisitries. Hell, he praises the effort of women, yet in Timothy, they're to be 'seen and not heard. Don't you find that unsettling? Wouldn't you agree that perhaps somewhere down the line, religious authority saw it fit to have scripture that made sure women did not get too bold? That they knew their place, despite Early Christian efforts to share the ministry with women and men alike?'" He shook his head and repeated, "Whatever is in the Bible is true, and not added merely for convenience."

Any thoughts on this, ladies and gentleman? I still hold strongly to the idea that some scripture within the Bible may not be in the hand of the originally thought author.
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