tamara's girl (star_spark) wrote in bible_as_lit,
tamara's girl

newbie! newbie!

hello. i am lebris16's wife. i am interested in the bible as a literary, cultural text, too, so when she told me about this community, i thought i'd join.

growing up "catholic" (meaning: i got the sacraments, but didn't go to church), we don't really know the bible like most protestants i've met. during my sophomore year at drake, i took a liberation theologies class. we studied latin american liberation theology, black theology, feminist theology, womanist theology, and gay and lesbian theology. it was really interesting...especially because my professor was a gay minister. (he was also the best professor i've ever had.) my senior year of high school and freshman year of college i got really into evangelical/protestant religion (partly b/c of my boyfriend at the time). but after that class, and when i subsequently came out, i just lost interest in religion. with the growth of my feminist consciousness and my GLBT consciousness and my political activist consciousness, etc...i have just lost touch with religion and lost interest in it too. i am more interested in the bible now as a literary text and a cultural text, because i think it's very interesting and telling in that aspect. i think we can learn a lot from it...not just from jesus as a religious figure, but as a historical figure, too. (that whole jesus of history, christ of faith, thing).

well, as for the rest of it...i'm a drake univ. student...senior, majoring in international relations, with minors in spanish and poli sci and then concentrations in women's studies and honors. i like to sing and was in choir for a while. i'm married and really want a cat. i like to knit.
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