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"Skeptic's Annotated Bible"

This online annotated Bible certainly fills a void, and if nothing else, it's interesting. Worth perusing, whether or not you agree with its viewpoint.

I found the following annotation to a passage from John under the list of "Insults to Women":

Jesus speaks rudely to his mother, saying: "Woman, what have I to do with thee?" 2:4

Now, my New Oxford Annotated Bible (a secular, non-dogmatic Bible, mind you), in its annotation of that passage, tells me that "Woman" is, here, "a term of respect and affection,"; i.e., that manner of address, in that context, is not insulting (as it would be in our own time and place). (If I recall, elsewhere Jesus uses "Man" as a similar form of address.)

This doesn't mean that this project is necessarily totally bogus, nor does it mean that the Bible contains no passages that women (or anyone) would be right to find insulting; it's just that Jesus's use of "Woman" in John was the very first test-case I thought of off the top of my head, and sure enough the "skeptic" naively jumped all over it. I can understand why: if I had encountered that passage without the benefit of the Oxford annotation I cited above, I would have jumped all over it in the exact same way. But, if the author of this site wants to have a truly credible resource, then she/he had best do a bit more homework first, and not jump on that (understandable) gut instinct.

(Of course, it's possible that my Oxford Bible is incorrect or misleading here, and I'm the furthest thing from a Bible expert, so I'm certainly susceptible to being persuaded otherwise on this. But I sense that there's reason to be skeptical about this "skeptic's" Bible.)
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